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Mundane To Magnetic


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Register now to get practical training, tips and tricks on how to create a wardrobe full of clothes that will take your appearance from mundane to magnetic.

You'll learn things like: 

  • How to build a wardrobe that seamlessly works together
  • Tips on accessorising to dramatically extend your wardrobe
  • How to dress truthfully and to your unique body shape
  • How to look GOOD (Even when you just feel frumpy and blah!)
  • And how to dress comfortably whatever the situation

Mundane to Magnificent Schedule

Lesson #1
Body Shape Analysis

Dressing is easy, its looking good thats hard!

Don't miss this session as you'll learn the questions all women want to know like..

  • What clothes do I wear that will suit my changing body shape?
  • How to dress for my shape and feel comfortable?
  • How to dress comfortably whether you are curvy, straight, pear shape or fuller figure?

Lesson #2
Vertical Proportion

Why do I feel frumpy in this?

Too many women are totally unaware of the magic of proportion and how the right length can take you from feeling frumpy to fabulous!

This simple test can also help you dress comfortably whatever your body shape.

Lesson #3
Personality Style

What is my style?Knowing how your personality can shape the way you dress will have all your questions answered around 

  • How to feel authentic in your clothes,
  • How not to feel like you are wearing a costume when you get dressed
  • How to dress for your age and feel like an individual


Lesson #4
Capsule Wardrobe

Eliminate the closet chaos forever!

Want to know how to dress quickly, easily and eliminate stress?

I'll give you the basics around how to create a capsule wardrobe so you have less clothes, more options and always look a million dollars if you follow this properly.

Lesson #5

The one thing women don't bother with thats robbing them of opportunity and money

Did you know that giving yourself a budget for accessories can reduce the dollars you spend on clothes and can give you a larger selection of outfit combinations?

I'll take you through the 3 principles of successful accessorising you can try right away.


Julie F Hyne

“I had accumulated a lot of clothes from my love of fashion, but knew that something was not quite right. Julie helped me enormously by working through my wardrobe items to identify the key elements that were not working and what styles I should be looking for to accentuate and compliment my age, body shape and personal style.”

Julie F Hyne

“ I felt so good in the clothes. I actually don’t care what anyone else thinks, I love them all. I even felt comfortable in the skirt suit and really look forward to wearing it. I honestly don’t know how to express how wonderful it felt to put on clothes that fitted. And made me look like the best me I can be. ”

Julie F Hyne

“Julie helped me rethink my style quotient and assess what I really wanted to be known as. She did not just come, suggest some changes and leave. She patiently guided me through the entire process and encouraged me to arrive at my own personal style statement. Owing to her advice I feel I am more confident and that shines through even more in my work. I recommend Julie for all newbies to fashion and also for those who believe they understand their style but need to think outside the box to achieve that extra mile.”

Julie F Hyne

“Julie not only took control but immediately made a massive impact to my image, style and business; and I immediately had my zing back! I trusted her completely. Within days of starting the process with Julie I was engaged by a large firm to support their business; and had clients that did not waste my time and paid me without question.”

Julie F Hyne

“I love the comments I now get from my friends about my lovely clothes and shoes! ☺ Having gone from ‘safe’ black only shoes to a wonderful array of beautiful colourful, yet appropriate shoes! Along with the vibrant new clothes to match! Julie’s focus is always about you looking your best, within your budget and your lifestyle needs. Utilise her skills, you will be delighted you did.”

Julie F Hyne

“Before I had a couple of "go to" pieces that I would bring out for those important events to give me confidence. They say when you feel good, you look good! Julie's now shown me how to mix and match styles, patterns, colours and add accessories for impact, to create a variety of looks. Especially my dreaded look of "business casual". I am now more confident in my selection and which gives me the confidence to be bolder in my professional life. I would highly recommend Julie for anyone seeking to amp up their personal image and style. #PushingBoundaries #Style #Sophistication”

Julie F Hyne

“Thanks for your kind words, valuable advice, pragmatic approach and great styling tips you gave me - I’m still on a high from the whole thing!! I have worn a couple of pieces this week and each time, I got several comments on how great the outfits are!!! This session really showed me how having you help me work out what goes with what and the sizing for each piece makes such a difference - I don’t think I would’ve chosen many of those pieces on my own.

My husband, Greg, loved the outfits and keeps reiterating it was the right thing to do.”

Julie F Hyne

“I had such a wonderful day yesterday, I really enjoyed it and your company and advice. I was so excited and happy last night that, whilst it did not do much for my sleep, did give me a deep sense of satisfaction - like a piece of a puzzle clicked into place. You restored my love of clothes and i am very happy that I will be able to do so much with my wardrobe. I love variety and difference/surprising people or turning up fresh. So glad I got to know you Julie. You are so generous and so very good at what you do. You have added something to my life I did not know was missing. Think I got a new hobby…”